L.O.T.D 01/30/2015

Featuring items from Fifty Linden Fridays, The Kawaii Project, The Seasons Story
Skin: Angelica - Angie the kawaii project
Hair: Olive - Cupcake fifty linden friday
Mask: Noodles - Mina Sleepy Mask the kawaii project
Whiskers: CerberusXing - Curly Whiskers
Freckles: Okkbye - Subtle Freckles
Hands: Slink - Av-Enhancement Hands
Sweater: Vincue - Fally Sweater
Skirt: Pixicat - Autumn Skirt
Socks: Quirky - Brr Winter Socks the kawaii project
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Mid Feet
Shoes: Reign - Chunky Plats
Pet: MishMish - Little Fox Companion
Pose 1: Kirin - Mochi the seasons story
Pose 2: Kirin - Mochi the seasons story
Destination: Manet