Review Policies

Thank you for taking the time to read this page! Paper Figurines was created to share my favorite fashion thoughts and things with other people in Second Life! Please keep in mind, that I am dedicated to several stores already and those always will come first. Once I have blogged your item, I will send you a notecard that will link you to my blog and flickr. It's a must that you share the blog and/or flickr on any medium of your choice. Below are some of my policy guidelines when selecting review copies:

1. I reserve the right to blog the things I like and what may fit my style.
2. I reserve the right to deny blogging things that I think does not fit my style.
3. Please send a NOTECARD* with the following:
     a. Designer Name
     b. Store Name
     c. Store Location (SLURL)
     d. Item information
4. Give me time to get things sorted and to look over the review copy you sent.

*Any and ALL IM's will be ignored. Notecard is best.

NOTE: Paper Figurines will not review ANYTHING that may be copyrighted or breaking any type of infringements.

For any question, comments or concerns on Review Copies, please contact KarminFox Resident In-World.

Thank you,
Paper Figurines Owner,
Maddie (KarminFox Resident)

Last Updated: January 23, 2015

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